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Popcorn Seasoning Bundle

Popcorn Seasoning Bundle

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Dive into a world of sensational snacking with Spice Sisters' Ultimate Popcorn Flavor Bundle. This curated collection brings together three mouthwatering blends, each designed to transform your popcorn into a taste adventure.

Chili Limon Superfood Popcorn Seasoning: Heat things up with the tantalizing trio of organic chili powder, sea salt, and organic dried lime powder. Zesty, bold, and oh-so-addictive!

Churro Superfood Popcorn Seasoning: Indulge your sweet tooth with the magical blend of vanilla coconut sugar, maple sugar, and cinnamon powder. It's like a carnival of flavors in every bite!

Truffle Parm Superfood Popcorn Seasoning: Experience gourmet bliss with dehydrated black summer truffle, sea salt, cashews, nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, and hemp seeds. Popcorn fit for royalty!

Spice Sisters' commitment to organic, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients ensures every kernel is not just a snack but a celebration of flavors.

Transform movie nights, gatherings, or solo snacking into an extraordinary experience.


Glass jar, featuring a BPA- free brass lid- warm and rich, saturated with gold undertones. Water proof matte black label. Perfect addition to your countertops.

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