Erewhon Raw Cinnamon Roll Dupe

Erewhon Raw Cinnamon Roll Dupe


1 cup oat flour

1 cup pecans

2 tsp psyllium husk + water

1/4 maple syrup


1 cup dates

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp water

salt to taste

1 tbsp  Churro seasoning


1 Soak psyllium in water for 15 minutes.
2 Blend pecan nuts
3 Add all other crust ingredients

4 Blend until dough forms

5 Push out into a rectangle on parchment paper. (long side should be 25-27cm), and the thickness should be about 0.5 cm
6 Blend all the filling ingredients

7 Spread a thick layer of the filling on the crust, but keep 1-2 cm at the top as is.

8 Roll with the help of parchment paper and hands

9 Refrigerate overnight.
10 Cut into rolls


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